Incorporated in 2012, the root focus of our team has always been “We Are the Club for Everyone.” There are many aspects of the sport of dragon boating that we have embraced, and these can be summed up as a team that is united for fun, wellness, recreation, and competition. Every year our team tries to attend the local Regina festival, and looks for opportunities to attend other inter-provincial, or international festivals or competitions.

Our team at the podium at the 2023 Pan American Club Crew Championship in Panama City, Panama.

Eager faces ready for a race at the Lethbridge Dragon Boat Festival.


When we are out on the water, our obvious mission is to give it our all and win, but apart from that, there are three goals we strive to work on within our team to make sure that our team is the best it can be:

  • Promote physical, mental, and social wellbeing through the sport of dragon boating;
  • Work in partnership with other athletic communities for the benefit of the sport; and
  • To offer opportunities for participants from recreational to competitive levels.


When the Regina weather allows it, we’d love for you to come out and experience an hour of paddling on the lake with us. Dragon boating is one of the best activities you can do during the summer months in Regina, as you build friendships, get exercise and work with a team towards common goals.

To get involved, contact us at prairiedragons@outlook.com, or just come out to the brown shed located just east of the Willow Bar. You will typically see groups of other teams, but your best bet is to look for our signature green and gold jersey.

To be fully prepped and ready for an hour of paddling, we recommend you bring something you can get mildly wet in (think small splashes of water), and a water bottle. Dragon boating can typically range from a mild to medium cardiovascular work out, to more advanced teams and practices we offer going as hard as we can go.


Within the Prairie Dragon Paddling Club, we currently offer 4 teams, each comprised of different membership, and each serving a different purpose. Many of our membership are part of more than one team.

  • Recreational Team: This team is the “bread and butter” of our club, and is comprised of a mixed group of beginners and budding athletes looking to get out on the lake and have fun paddling.
  • Competitive Team: This team is our more advanced and experienced team looking to move towards training for big festivals abroad.
  • Ladies Team (Lily Dippers): Exclusively comprised of ladies from the club.
  • Outta Sight: Originally our blind and partially sighted team. This team is looking to expand to other para-athletes that would be interested in the sport of dragon boating.
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